What is Modal?



 Modal is a semi-synthetic cellulose fibre made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, in this case from beech trees. Cellulose fibres are fibres from some plant or plant-based materials.   

SuperNatural Loves Modal

A lot of SuperNatural Organic Kids & Baby Clothes are made of a 50/50 supernatural soft mix of modal and organic cotton. These two eco-fibres were made for each other - together they make exceptional fabric which is naturally soft on children’s skin - to feel it is to love it.

Our Afro Supa Hero Collection super hero capes are made from 100% modal which gives the cape it’s wonderful swishy, swirly, soft feel.  These modal fabric super powers, combined with a child’s imagination turn the wearer into a full-on super hero as soon as they put cape round their shoulders!

What is Modal Made of Exactly?

Modal is extracted from the fibre of a beechwood tree. The beech tree is an ancient, extremely resistant, deep-rooting plant. Beech forests thrive in Northern and Central Europe and have shaped the landscapes of these regions for centuries. 

Beechwood is the 'Mother of the forest'

Beechwood, is the raw material for modal fibre. Beechwood has been known as the Mother of the Forest since the beginning of time.  A typical beechwood forest is home to about 7,000 species of animals and is an important provider of raw materials. With around 250 well known fields of application, beechwood is the most versatile type of wood around. Beech trees are very special. They multiply by “rejuvenation” which means that the trees propagate by themselves. No artificial irrigation or planting is required. Beechwood forests are a completely natural and sustainable source of raw material - pure, natural and CO2 neutral.

How is Modal Made?

Basically the wood fibres taken from beech trees are pulped into liquid form and forced through tiny holes to make the fibre, which is then woven to make the fabric.


 Benefits of Pure Modal 

Modal envelops the body in a touch of lightness

  • Colours remain brilliant and strong 
  • It washes and stays looking good
  • It's super soft


Modal Botanic Silk: Heavenly softness

Modal is amazingly comfortable to wear.  Measurements of the softness factor show that modal is twice as soft as cotton. The finer the fibre, the finer the textile becomes. The beechwood fibre gives modal a fineness comparable to natural silk and makes modal so silky soft on the skin. With modal you can feel the softness on first touch.  


Modal: Colours That Shine Brightly

Colours remain brilliant and strong in modal fabric, “no graying” which so often happens with standard fabrics. 

Height of fashion

It’s now impossible to imagine the world of fashion without modal. The fibre can be found in many of the collections of well-known brand manufacturers. Due to its properties, modal is also a favourite fibre in lingerie, loungewear as well as kids clothes and baby wear.  Modal fibre is skin-friendly, soft and easy-care and therefore of great interest to the fashion world..

How Do You Wash Modal?

Modal is colorfast, so you can wash it in warm or hot water but hand washing your modal in cold water keeps your pieces looking new for longer.  Modal clothing should be washed on the delicate cycle. It drys easily so you don’t need to tumble.  Hand washing your clothing in cold water keeps your pieces looking new for longer.  Our SuperNatural modal and organic cotton mix stays softer for longer and doesn’t shrink or pill. 

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