I put the ‘PRO’ In Procrastinate


How the world’s Number One Procrastinator (aka - me!) found her USP

Ok.  So it’s official!  I AM definitely a NOP - a world class Number One Procrastinator. I know this because it just took too many of my minutes to even decide on the type face for this blog! 

My monkey mind is constantly jumping from one idea or task to the other, and when I have something that I REALLY need to get to grips with, it seems to go into overload distracting me away from the job to be done with all sorts of interesting (or otherwise) things to look at.

I’m really not lazy, that’s a completely different thing altogether.  Since Christmas I’ve worked tirelessly on de-cluttering every part of the house (well apart from the attic to be honest - which now holds much of the ‘clutter’ from the rest of the house - Arrrgghhhh!).  I’ve been plotting and planning things to do to grow SuperNatural Collections as I go, and keep telling myself that I’ll spring into action … tomorrow!  Well tomorrow has finally arrived and I can’t put it off any longer!

Here’s the BIG PLAN …

I have been in business since 2009.  When I started I knew something about clothing design and production (I studied Fashion and Marketing as a degree back in the day), but I knew NOTHING about websites, blogs, SEO, social media etc etc.  To be fair, these things were still all quite new to most normal-ish people back then, but I really was a digital dumb dumb!

Not only have the past 6 years been about coming up with cool business titles (babyblack & SuperNatural Kids), creating funky, ethically produced, organic children and baby clothes, working on the design of logos and labels, struggling with account keeping and business plan making (of course, in true NOP style, the business plan is still to be completed!) - but also I’ve had to learn a whole new language of:




I constantly feel on the back foot and wavering between being ever so slightly out of, to completely out of my depth! So … back to my BIG PLAN

My business has a great name, a compact but desirable product range, a groovy website and a clear USP (Unique Selling Proposition) … (www.entrepreneur.com offers a cornucopia of helpful posts like this this btw)) 

but WAIT …  What IS my USP?!? 

Do you know? I never did get around to establishing that, rather hugely important factor !!!  Procrastination at it’s worst/best!

Stick around and I’ll tell you how I used the fun and creative time I have writing this blog to FINALLY come up with my USP - THE BIG PLAN!!!!

Here’s a link to a wonderful story from the ever-engaging and can-do @MotivatingMUM about the lengths we go to, to procrastinate.  Even she admits to preferring to do the ironing or the TAX RETURN (!!!) before getting on with a little task around the home!

Are you a procrastinator?  Tell me about the worst bouts of procrastination you’ve had and if you have any tips about how to overcome to this annoying habit!