WTF is a USP?!?!

To recap from the last A Natural Mumpreneur blog … I realised that as the world’s biggest NOP (Number One Procrastinator), I had made a massive omission when creating my (not quite finished yet) business plan - I hadn’t yet sorted out my USP (Unique Selling Proposition)!!! 

Without a clear USP (the thing that sets SuperNatural Organic Baby and Kids Clothes apart from the rest)  it’s very difficult, maybe even impossible, to find my customer - (i.e. someone who buys stylish clothes for babies and kids and who cares about what the clothes are made of and who made them … i.e YOU!).   Up until now I have been fortunate enough to find YOU without having a clear USP (or maybe you’d say that you’d found me!) … either way I feel lucky and very pleased to know you.

As Lisa Furgison from BPlans says:

"A unique selling proposition is what separates your business from your competitors. It defines your unique position within the marketplace and gives you an edge over other businesses."

 Then what is my USP … the thing that makes me stand out from the crowd?

Well what it ISN’T is that I have a cool name, logo website etc, or that I produce stylish clothing in colours that aren’t the traditional pinks and blues - (although all those things are true of course!). 

It ISN’T even that I manufacture sustainably (which is a no-brainer but is also a COOL thing to do). 

It ISN’T that I want to help to, even in a tiny way, make some change in the world (my true dream!).

These things are spot on, but DON’T make SuperNatural Organic Kids & Baby Clothes unique.

So … I got to thinking about how the name ‘SuperNatural’ came to be, and what had put it into my head in the first place! 

People assume it’s to do with the paranormal meaning of the word.  But no, it’s all about the the word NATURAL … with added SUPER power!

Back in the day, when I was a student in Newcastle upon Tyne there was a pioneering veggie restaurant called Supernatural, so I guess that’s why I see the word from this angle. (Supernatural was at the bottom of this tower block - I lived on the 18th floor!!)

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you (with a roll of the eyes to the heavens no doubt!) that I’d love to help change the world for the better - even if it’s only a very little bit.  It was therefore impossible for me to set up in business without focusing on this dream.  I knew it would take up a lot of my time, and, as that would mean spending less time with my 3 kids (I had NO idea HOW MUCH time ), it had better all be worth it! 

But how could producing a new collection of baby and kid’s clothing do all of this?   Let’s face it, the world isn’t exactly running a huge shortage of onesies and leggings right now! 

The thing is, these days, being able to buy clothing made from natural fibres like cotton just isn’t good enough.  In addition to our clothing being produced with the least possible negative impact on the the environment by people who live and work in safe conditions and for a fair wage we now expect more.  We want and need our clothing to keep looking and feeling good with the least effort on our part and with the most efficient use of energy - ie cutting down on power-greedy aftercare like tumble drying and ironing.

SuperNatural fabrics, whilst so far largely being made from organic cotton, also include blends of fibres which are produced with cutting edge technology to be silky soft and luxuriously comfortable to wear, as well as being easy to maintain. 

So our fabrics have super-powers … and are not JUST natural, but SUPER + NATURAL !!! 

                                                            (Introducing Natty, my SuperNatural Hero - cute isn’t he) 

Not everybody knows this, but the world can’t sustain our demand for cotton (organic or otherwise) so we need to find fabrics which are as good, nay BETTER, than cotton in every way.  Most people also don’t know that there are new fibres being developed made from things like pineapples, coffee and even from milk protein!  Imagine the fun to be had when a kid is told that their T shirt is made from a pineapple!


To date at SuperNatural I’ve used organic cotton blended with bamboo or modal (which is made from beech trees) - we’ll introduce other super-fabrics which are high performing, soft and lovely-to-wear and that are as good, or even better than the cotton that we all crave!

So, the USP is about finding wonderful and easy care naturally based fabrics that are alternatives to land and water guzzling cotton.  

As a Natural Mumpreneur I can inform readers about new and exciting cotton substitutes and about responsible garment aftercare ... and just might have some part in changing the world.


But now how do I get this message out there to the right people (like you) who are into the same stuff as we are?  I need to find out how to find more of us somehow.  I wonder what it was exactly that attracted you to my business in the first place? I’d love to take this opportunity to try to pin point that.  If you get a spare minute, PLEASE could you spend a few minutes answering some pertinent questions for me.  Click here for the questionnaire - there may well be a lovely treat for you if you do!

I recently came across Melanie Boylan from Stomp Marketing & PR.  She's an awesome blogging Mumpreneur who writes a lot about finding your USP ... so do please check her out!

Thank you so much for reading this article. I really appreciate your time. You can click on the image below to see my SuperNatural Kids organic cotton and modal collection.