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YES! Win an #AfroSupaHero Kid's Superhero Cape

Yes! Win an #AfroSupaHero children's Superhero Cape made from silky soft swishy modal!

I'm giving away a super-soft modal fabric (modal is made from beech trees btw) kids superhero cape for either a boy or girl!  
Featuring the fabulously groovy #AfroSupaHero twins you'll see your little ones be transformed into superheroes as soon as they wrap them around their shoulders!
The super-winner will be notified by 1st December 2015
All you have to do is:
Leave a blog post comment about who is your favourite superhero and what makes them so special?
And finally, sign up to my newsletter to receive super ideas and info about organic kids clothing, general fun kids stuff and tips on being a mumpreneur http://tinyurl.com/nddk7od
The lucky winner will be picked at random!

Good luck!
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10 Great Pinterest Ideas For Personalising Your Baby and Children's Clothing



Hi there, it's been a few months singe I last blogged.  I've been learning lots about social networking and for this blog post I'm taking a look at Pinterest to hopefully encourage you to explore it too.  WARNING ... It's super addictive!!!

As well as talking about being a mum in business, I also like to tell you fresh news and share cool clothing ideas for your children.  This blog is going to combine the two!

Pinterest is one of the areas of my business that I've been building over the past few months https://www.pinterest.com/supernaturalcol/.  It's great fun and suits me down to the ground because it's so visual and immediate. I've used Pinterest to find loads of great ideas to illustrate this blog, I hope you like it.

Personalising ... EVERYTHING is huge these days.  Everyone seems to love wearing their name or initial or age loud and proud on their clothing.  

At Supernatural Collections we've introduced lovely personalised organic boy's and girl's T Shirts and baby onesies.  

(here's our cat Rocky muscling in on our shoot!) 

We embellish our organic baby and kids clothing with letters and numbers from the deliciously quirky and colourful range by Jennie Maizels (she's the one who came up with the wonderful 'Clothes Plasters' - a groovy modern take on the sew-on patches so loved back in the 1970's).

We also offer Keepsake & Gift Boxes which can be personalised by slipping your favourite photo, date of birth/age or name of your baby into the cleverly designed box lid.  Here's a little tutorial from me showing you just what I mean.



But if you're feeling creative, here's some really cool DIY ideas for pimping up or personalising your children's and baby clothing which I found after digging around on Pinterest.

I love these gorgeous and super simple to make letters and words from fabulous The Journals of Giddy Giddy.


I found these Custom Sand Imprint flip flops (or thongs as they say in Oz!) made by Flip Side Flip Flops on the Down That Little Lane blog .


Learn how to do felt monograming by Leana of A Small Snippet blog, you can use this technique for letters, numbers shapes, animals - whatever your creative heart desires..


I came across this dress idea by Welcome to The Mouse House blog.  It's such a cool idea and one which I know my daughter would love to get her hands on!


From self confessed craftaholic Michelle McInerney of Mollymoo blog, learn how to pimp up your plimsols!


Everyone - girls AND boys - love doing running stitch. See Good Reads at Tots100 UK parent blogs which shows just how easy it is to add their name to anything.

And for those who feel a little more confident and adventurous follow FairyFaceDesigns' tutorial on hand embroidery


This idea from Baby Shower blog just makes me smile.  It's so cute and a really cheap but lovely thing to do for a new baby.


Customising your jeans with fabric paint is just one of many very cool ideas from Joybobo.com.


For lots of other supa easy and fun ideas for pimping up and customising your children's clothing take a look at my Pimp Up & Personalise Your Kid's Clothing board on Pinterest.

 (Here's one of our T Shirts personalised and packaged in the SuperNatural Gift Box)

Finally, I found this fantastically useful and clear blog about how to get the best out of Pinterest from Aus Mumpreneur - Mumpreneurs across the world Unite!!!

Knowing Your Customer

I'm an ordinary mum who has taken the plunge to follow a dream by being a mumpreneur. This blog goes through important lessons I've learned along the way and will hopefully help you as you lay the foundations for your own business.  Although being a mumpreneur is a possibility open to all, it's not necessarily for everyone.  You need to be passionate about your business idea and to be prepared for all sorts of untold challenges, setbacks and confidence knocks.  Hence, the idea behind the title ‘A Natural Mumpreneur - tales of the natural highs and lows of a mum’s journey to business success’.

Although when I started my business several years ago, I probably knew some of the things I’m going to be talking about already, in my excitement to get going, I ignored most of what I knew and charged forward full of enthusiasm and dynamism… and wasted a lot of time along the way. 

But here I am today...
Older - definitely!
Wiser? We’ll have to see...

Given that I have a business idea which I’ve developed into a brand with a USP,  I now need to get to know and define my customer.  WHO am I going to sell to, HOW will I find them and, importantly, how will they find ME? I’ve learned that by sussing out your customer first you can THEN work out what your product is going to be in order to give your customer what they want - but of course I didn’t do it that way...

Once you’ve defined your customer, how do you effectively communicate with them?  Tweeting and Facebooking to a few like minded people (as I admit I had once thought was enough!), isn’t going to get you very far.  No, you REALLY have to get to know your customer - you have to BECOME your customer in many ways.

Back in the 80’s when all you needed was a Rowland keyboard and a silly haircut to be a massive pop star, Howard Jones wrote this catchy little number ‘Like To Get To Know You Well’. The song comes to mind now as I think about the next part of my journey.

It turns out it’s all about the letters W and P!  You don’t believe me?  Well see what these two highly genned up women have to say about finding and communicating with your target market…

Cathy Cuzel, founder of The Connected Woman writes for the Women’s Enterprise Centre. She gives succinct and clear information about the 5 W’s of Marketing  (Who, What, Why, Where and When)

And then of course we have The 5 P’s, (Product, Place, Price, Promotion, Profit) so eloquently explained here by Melinda Emerson @SmallBizLady

So here’s a list (we like lists) of the things we need to know in order to get down and dirty with our customers:

  • What gender they are?
  • Where they live (country, county, town, street)?
  • How old are they?
  • What do they love?
  • What do they believe in?
  • What do they read, watch, look at, listen to, engage and communicate with?
  • How much money they spend on the sort of thing I sell?
  • Who else do they buy from - in general and for the sort of thing I sell?
  • When do they shop for the sort of thing I sell - time of year/season/month/ time of day?
  • Where do they choose to shop - online, highstreet, upmarket, bargain, boutiques, market stores?
  • What social networks do they inhabit - Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest?
  • Is there a demand for what I sell?
  • When they are looking for products in my category what are the difficulties and challenges they have? (accessibility, choice, value etc.)
This important research will allow us to target the right people through the right channels and to build a relationship with them which will hopefully result in sales. Once we’ve pinpointed our customer, we have to work on communicating with them - lots and lots.  
SEVEN times is the magic number when it comes to effectively repeating a message to a customer apparently! FOUR contacts to get them to notice you and SEVEN for them to maybe buy from you.

Because of what I produce - ie ethically produced organic and eco children’s and baby clothing, I’m selling to people who inherently care about more than just the style and price of a garment. For this reason, it’s not all about the sell, sell, sell.  Yes I need to solve their shopping problems,  but MY customers want to hear the story behind the clothing, they want to tap into a certain amount of expertise and knowledge about my area of business so I need to engage with them on a practical, informative and emotional level.

Thank you so much for reading this.  I'd like to give you a gift of a £10 voucher to spend on any SuperNatural Products.  All you have to do is to fill in this short questionnaire and you will automatically be sent a voucher code to redeem at the checkout on a shopping cart of £20 and over.   As I said, I may be doing things a bit back to front - but I AM getting there and I really want you to come along for the ride.

Love and Peace


For much much more on developing all aspects of your business, in this case finding your target market, take a day to study all the pearls of wisdom on Marketing Donut - it’s awesome!!!

What is Modal?


Modal is a semi-synthetic cellulose fibre made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, in this case from beech trees. Cellulose fibres are fibres from some plant or plant-based materials.   


A new review from one of our twitter friends

A lovely mummy, infact soon-to-be granny blogger @jollyjilly52 has kindly reviewed our superhero capes.  


We're also running a competition together - follow us on twitter (@supernaturalcol) and facebook (supernatural collections), and follow Jill's blog and twitter (@jollyjilly52) to enter, and if you're lucky to be picked out of the hat you'll win a superhero cape!

Jenny ☺
Supernatural Organic Kids & Baby Clothes Founder

Analytics rock!!!


I've just been looking at the analytics for the site - it's fascinating to see what a huge reach the site has, no doubt as a result of the twitter and facebook postings we've been doing about our organic baby and children's clothing and loads of things related. I'm going to post now about our Free Delivery service, we'll see how many people are attracted to that offer - this is fun!!!!




Jenny ☺
Supernatural Organic Kids & Baby Clothes Founder


Feeling Funky? Get down to V&A Museum of Childhood - Afro Supa Heroes Welcome

Did you manage to get to this exhibition? What did you think? I'd love to hear your opinion, leave your reply in the comments below, I read all your replies.


Jenny ☺
Supernatural Organic Kids & Baby Clothes Founder

Dr Funkenstein Digs Afro Supa Hero - George Clinton, the ultimate Afro Supa Hero!!!

Yes it's true - here's the mighty George Clinton loving Afro Supa Hero and a specially customised fedora that we made for him:)