AFRO SUPA® Children's Superhero Gift Box


SAVE money when you buy the coolest kid's present for a little boy or girl 2 to 9 years of age - worth £43 but only £39 when bought as a set.

Gift Box contains:

  • Boys or girls Afro Supa® long or short sleeved T-shirt £16
  • Soft and swishy kid's superhero capes made from 100% moral (which comes from beech trees) instantly turn your little one into a swooping superhero £15
  • Gift Box £12

They'll never want to change their outfit again!  Our unique organic superhero boy's and girl's clothing and accessories come packaged in our beautifully hand crafted keepsake gift boxes which can be personalised by sliding photos or cards or special messages into the cleverly designed box lid. The kids gift boxes have been ethically produced by artisans in the Philippines who use traditional craft methods to produce treeless papers from locally found renewable plant fibres.

Afro Supa Hero is an exhibition of black action super hero and comic book figures which began it's journey at the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood in London and is now showing at the Liverpool Dock International Slavery Museum.  Hopefully it'll coming soon to a museum near YOU!  Check out our blog or like our facebook page for updates.


*Important* At checkout please add your preference for the following options in the 'ADD SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS' box.

Example: Red, Long Sleeve, 4-5 yrs, Sista Twins cape

1. T-Shirt Colour: Red or Black (Girls) OR Stone or Black (Boys)

2. T-Shirt Style: Long or Short Sleeved

3. T-shirt Size: Yrs - 2-3,  4-5,  6-7 or  8-9

4. Cape Print: Brother Twins, Sista Twins or Both


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