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Jenny Barret - SuperNatural Organic Kids Clothes Founder

Here's what SuperNatural Organic Kids & Baby Clothes is all about:

I'm Jenny Barrett founder of SuperNatural Organic Kids & Baby Clothes, and if you regularly ask yourself: 

  • "Where can I buy stylish, ethical, durable and much sort after kids clothes, with maximum recycle value?"
  • "Where can I buy well designed, extremely hardwearing, kids clothes, cleverly designed so the garments last for several years?"
  • "Where can I buy black urban baby grows, FREE of chemical nasties?"
  • "Where can shop online to be confident about sizing and delivery charges?"
      Or if you've ever just needed somewhere to buy baby shower gifts, or gift cards.

                ..... You're in the RIGHT store NOW!


        SuperNatural Organic Kids & Baby Clothes are not just natural, they’re SUPER natural.

        I'm seeking to help reduce the environmental harm caused by the fashion and textile industry by insisting on my fabrics organic. I also use other natural-based eco fabrics like bamboo and modal (made from beech trees). In other words I'm  striving to work in ethical ways both socially and environmentally. It wouldn't make sense to me to do otherwise!

        Organic cotton, although free of chemical nasties, needs loads of water and land to grow.  Insatiable world-wide demand for all cotton is environmentally unsustainable, so even organic cotton isn’t the eco-way forward.   We need to find other natural fabrics to replace at least some of the cotton we consume.  We need efficient fabrics that keep their shape, size, colour and soft touch and need a minimum of energy consuming aftercare.



        The ec
        o-fabric I use for our kids clothing is a SuperNatural mix of organic cotton and silky soft modal - to feel it is to LOVE it, so our clothes feel as good as they look. Modal is a man made cellulose fiber produced from sustainably farmed beech wood. It feels like silk and doesn’t lose its shape, fade, pill or shrink.  It’s one of a number of fabrics that are being developed today using modern, cutting edge, environmentally conscious methods of production – proof that man and nature can work together in near perfect balance – putting the SUPER into NATURAL!







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        It's 2021 and things have changed around the world.  We all have too much stuff and make so much waste so we've launched a new initiative to do something about that!  Come and see our new pre-loved baby clothing rental library @superlooperlife www.superlooperlife.com - why own baby clothes that get outgrown so quickly when you can rent them for just as long as you need :)

        Thanks for joining us!
        Jenny, SuperNatural Organic Kids & Baby Clothes Founder