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Jenny Barret - SuperNatural Organic Kids Clothes Founder

I'm Jenny Barrett founder of SuperNatural Collections.  Thank you for dropping by here on your search for lovely organic clothes for your little ones.  The thing is, I got to thinking that organic or not, the world didn't need any more baby clothes being manufactured, so I'm excited to announce that I've launched a new company called SuperLooper - it's a clothing library to rent and recycle pre-loved baby clothes - with purpose.

It’s a service to recirculate those hardly-worn baby clothes, which so many of us unintentionally hoard.
I was appalled to discover there's 183 million items of outgrown baby clothes* stored in UK cupboards alone. Being a mum of three, I knew all about this because even when my kids had grown up, I still couldn't let go of far too many of my favourite things. Also I have spare stock from SuperNatural which I didn't want to go to waste, so I set out to find loving homes for these things and keep them in circulation for as long as possible!

As a not-for-profit, SuperLooper helps reduce some of the waste that inevitably happens when we have babies. All the lovely clothes in the library have been shared either by parents doing a 'conscious clear-out’ of their cupboards or by beautiful brands who want to make sure their over-stock items get worn and enjoyed - you'll see SuperNatural Collections clothes in there! SuperLooper collaborates with brands to include their customers who don't want to dress their babies in preloved clothes, but who definitely do want to do their bit for the planet. The Little Green Radicals SuperLoop is the first of its kind and encourages their eco-aware customers to return out-grown items in return for vouchers for their next spend with the brand. This means more lovely clothes for SuperLooper families to rent and recycle. A win:win for all!

The library caters for little-ones 0-3 years and includes clothing for all categories, styles and seasons from designer labels, organic brands and high street names to vintage treasures. As long as they’re cute, they’re in the SuperLoop!

From £23 per month, parents who love great clothes but hate over-consumption choose from an online cornucopia of one-off gems and lovely everyday essentials which they change when they need. Gift bundles and vouchers are available for Grandparents, friends and work-mates to give the ultimate in sustainable presents.
Please come and visit us at or finds us on the socials @superlooperlife
Lots of love




The ec
o-fabric I use for our kids clothing is a SuperNatural mix of organic cotton and silky soft modal - to feel it is to LOVE it, so our clothes feel as good as they look. Modal is a man made cellulose fiber produced from sustainably farmed beech wood. It feels like silk and doesn’t lose its shape, fade, pill or shrink.  It’s one of a number of fabrics that are being developed today using modern, cutting edge, environmentally conscious methods of producton – proof that man and nature can work together in near perfect balance – putting the SUPER into NATURAL!







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It's 2021 and things have changed around the world.  We all have too much stuff and make so much waste so we've launched a new initiative to do something about that!  Come and see our new pre-loved baby clothing rental library @superlooperlife - why own baby clothes that get outgrown so quickly when you can rent them for just as long as you need :)

Thanks for joining us!
Jenny, SuperNatural Organic Kids & Baby Clothes Founder