SuperNatural Organic Kids & Baby Clothing: Organic Cotton & Modal Mix, Bamboo Eco-fabrics

At SuperNatural Organic Baby and Children's Clothing we ethically produce kids clothing made from high quality organic cotton, modal, bamboo and other eco-fabrics.  Our range includes Hoodie Tops for boys, dresses for girls, unisex T-Shirts, Leggings, Bibs, Babygrows, Onesies, baby beanie hats and children's Superhero Capes!

As alternatives to water and land guzzling cotton, SuperNatural Kids Organic Children's and Baby Clothes introduce you to modern natural eco-fibers like modal. Did you know modal is made from sustainably farmed beech trees? Our R&D team are currently sourcing more SuperNatural Eco-fibers we aim to introduce you to other eco-fabrics made from a variety of surprising natural sources such as carrots, seaweed and pineapple and milk protein! It’s a whole new fabric-world out there, so sign-up to our mailing list to be kept bang up to date!

We work hard to comply with global labour and minimum wage standards - it wouldn't be cool to do otherwise! 

Check out our super funky organic cotton, bamboo and modal Afro Supa Hero range featuring the Afro Supa Star™Twins © Jon Daniel.

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